PDO Threads

  •  30-60 Minutes Procedure
  • Immediate Recovery
  • Results Duration: 12+  Months
  • Number of Treatments: Retreat 12 Months or when required
  • Topical Numbing may be required for some areas
  • Immediate Back To Work - Minimal Downtime
  • Secure Payments
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PDO Threads are non-anchoring threads that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to restore volume, strengthen the skin and improve elasticity.

PDO Threads are not designed to give a tight lift like anchoring or barbed threads do. PDO threads activate collagen to encourage changes in the skin that produce results gradually and naturally.

Over time, our bodies produce less and less collagen resulting in a loss of skin thickness and volume.

PDO Threads work to address this by re-introducing collagen production, thickening, re-building and re-volumising the skin for a more youthful appearance, healthier-looking skin and fewer lines.

After topical numbing (numbing cream applied to the skin), tiny micro-needles are used to insert multiple threads just under the skin in a mesh like-pattern for maximum effect. 10-50 PDO Threads are typically used per treatment area, depending on the laxity of your skin and desired outcome.

Areas that have achieved great results with this treatment include neck, forehead, jawline, cheeks, marionette lines, lines around the mouth and chine as well as certain body areas such as stomach.

Our experienced, qualified Registered Nurse will consult with you to gain an understanding of your desired results and provide a personalised treatment for your individual needs.

At Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic, our doctor-led team work with only high-quality injectable products, and we carry out thousands of treatments safely every year.



Many clients find that there are so many treatment options available, they are unsure of which treatment is right for them.

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Afterall, not all treatments or products are suitable for every client.

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