Microdermabrasion Plus Dermal Roller Homecare

Microdermabrasion Dermal Roller Pack - Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic

Microdermabrasion Plus Dermal Roller Homecare

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Three Types of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, non-invasive method of gently resurfacing the skin. We use diamond-tipped microdermabrasion heads which provide a superior result to crystal and are also more suited to acne management. Vacuum suction is also used to unblock pores and remove debris from the skin.

Are all microdermabrasion treatments the same?

Not at all.

At the Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic, we offer three variants on microdermabrasion and have developed protocols suitable for all skin types – these are:


     • Suitable for 'derm newbies', pregnant ladies, and those wanting a quick pick-me-up.
     • Great for acne management between more intensive treatments


A beautiful treatment combining a luxurious pamper with the effective outcome of medi-aesthetic treatment. Our 12 step anti-ageing microdermabrasion facial is formulated to give you a divine, tailored experience suitable for:

     • Maintenance of Normal Skin

     • Correction of dry, sensitive, or sun-damaged skin

     • Anti-ageing

     • Possibly the best facial treatment ever, this 12 step facial incorporates microdermabrasion and chemical peeling for a truly effective treatment.

For an even greater wow factor add an LED treatment too.


Acne is an obstructive disease caused by a blockage of the pores. The blockage can result from an overproduction of oil, grease, or dirt transferred from your hands or working environment and even your own skin cells. Acne is a treatable medical condition that affects teens and adults alike.

Here at Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic, we work without harmful drugs to deliver great results.

A thorough consultation is necessary to ensure that we address your specific problems. Our 12-Step acne/oily treatment is designed to:
     • properly decongest pores
     • exfoliate dead skin cell build-up
     • target acne bacteria
     • deeply cleanse
     • normalise the skin barrier
     • balance hydration levels

We have been performing this signature treatment for many years and in doing so, have helped thousands of clients gain acne-free confidence.

We generally recommend fortnightly treatments to get control of your acne and then less frequently to maintain healthy skin. Our tailored approach to acne management ensures an effective treatment suitable for all ages and all skin types. It combines mechanical, chemical, and light-based therapies to provide you with a highly effective treatment to combat acne. Other treatments for acne include peels, LED, and fractional radiofrequency while we offer Fraxel, Dermal Needling, and RF for acne scarring.

If you suffer from chronic acne, ask about our intense acne program which combines LED light therapy with microdermabrasion and peels.


dermal roller by issada cosmetics


The Issada Derma Roller is a natural way to restore your skin's natural collagen production for a smoother complexion and even skin tone. The roller helps you achieve the benefits of a micro-needling skin treatment at home.

 The tiny needles create micro channels, which penetrate the surface of the skin and encourage the absorption and effectiveness of serums and moisturisers to the outer dermal layer by up to 40%. 

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