Lip Enhancement - Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic
Lip Enhancement - Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic
Lip Enhancement - Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic
Lip Enhancement - Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic
Lip Enhancement - Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic
Lip Enhancement - Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic

Lip Enhancement

  • 30 - 45 mins Procedure
  • Immediate Recovery
  • Results Duration: 4-6  Months
  • Number of Treatments: Re-Treat After 5-6 Months
  • Product Contains Local Topical Anaesthetic
  • Immediate Back To Work
  • Secure Payments


Our lips are on display every single day and can be an age giveaway.

Did you know that when we listen to people speak, we tend to look alternately at their lips and eyes? So it is no surprise that lips and crows feet are our two most requested procedures.

Over time, natural ageing causes our gums and jaw bone to shrink and recede, which in turn takes away structure from our lips causing the lips and mouth area to turn downward, lose the cupids bow, look thinner, and seem less defined. In addition, smoking and drinking from sippy coffee cups causes deeper wrinkles on the top lift which can also make the face appear sterner or give the appearance of looking "mean” or “tense”. As the corners of the mouth then starts to turn downwards, we begin to look “grumpy”.

In fact, many of our clients tell us that their friends and family often ask them “what’s wrong” when they are perfectly fine!

The solution to these problems is to provide the vermilion border (the outer border of your lips) some structure using a tiny amount of dermal filler. Don’t panic! This will not give you masses of volume just a smoother and more defined shape and will reduce smokers lines, help prevent your lipstick from bleeding and begin your lip restoration. We can even turn up the corners of your mouth just enough to stop you looking sad and grumpy.
Looking for more volume? Than plumping is achieved by add more filler to the lip area. This will help repove the "M" shape of the mouth and add further structure.

Finally a tiny amount of filler in your philtrum ridge can also  enhace the shape of the mouth area. and accentuate your cupids bow.
As with all injectable treatments, it is important to have a thorough consultation with your injector and ensure that they understand your specific concerns.



Many clients find that there are so many treatment options available, they are unsure of which treatment is right for them.

This is why we offer a FREE 30-Minute Consultation to ensure that you receive the best personal advice for an optimal results.

After all, not all treatments or products are suitable for every client.

Let our professional, qualified team guide you on your treatment choices, with medical-grade equipment, services and products that are highly effective and backed by science. 

Please use enquiry form below or call 07 5509 0081 for more information