Anti-Ageing Peel - Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic
Anti-Ageing Peel - Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic

Anti-Ageing Peel

  • Procedure Time: 45 Minutes
  • Recovery Time: Peeling 5-7 Days 
  • Results Duration: Long Lasting
  • Number of Treatments: 1-3 Depending on the severity of Pigmentation
  • Anesthetic: Candela - Not Required
  • Back to Work: Next Day
  • Secure Payments
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Chemical Peels are an effective and progressive way to combat a number of skin conditions. We offer a variety of formulations each designed to optimise results when treating specific concerns. Depending on the specific formulation used chemical peels can assist in rejuvenation by stimulation of cell renewal and collagen production, control of acne, reduction of pigmentation and also to calm strengthen and tighten the skin.

At the Ultimate Skin & Body clinic, we offer both superficial and medium strength chemical peels.We find that our clients vary in their approach to their chemical peels. Some seek mild peeling which would provide gradual results over 8-10 treatments. Others prefer more rapid results (which also means more dramatic shedding of skin) in a shorter time with fewer visits. Peels for acne tend to induce a light peeling as their purpose is primarily to kill bacteria, encourage cell turnover and gently correct the skin.

The effects of medi-aesthetic /chemical peels are not permanent but because they are highly affordable, they are a good way to give your skin a treat, and maintain results of other treatments.

Our paramedical aestheticians are trained to select the correct chemical peel to address your concerns as not all peels are equal and not all suit every skin type.

Skin Concerns
Chemical Peels can assist with the following skin concerns:
• Active Acne , Blackheads & Pimples
• Age spots & Pigmentation
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Dry Skin
• Oily Skin
• Poor Skin Texture & Tone

In some cases we may need to combine peels with other modalities over time to provide the best results and this is particularly important when dealing with sun damaged skin.



Many clients find that there are so many treatment options available, they are unsure of which treatment is right for them.

This is why we offer a FREE 30-Minute Consultation to ensure that you receive the best personal advice for an optimal results.

Afterall, not all treatments or products are suitable for every client.

Let our professional, qualified team guide you on your treatment choices, with medical-grade equipment, services and products that are highly effective and backed by science. 

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