ADid you know that Vitamin therapies administered intravenously or via injections can significantly help improve your skin, hair and nails as well as assist with many other significant conditions including leaky gut and chronic fatigue syndrome?

Despite drastically improved living conditions in developed countries, nutritional deficiencies can still contribute to countless conditions that patients face.

Although malnourishment is generally associated with developing countries, the prevalence of malnutrition in the Australia has climbed to 25-54% among patients admitted-to hospitals.

Conditions that can potentially be supported through various IV therapies include malnutrition, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, atherosclerosis, asthma, angina, chronic pain, diabetes, high heavy metal levels, dehydration, gout, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, infections, rheumatoid arthritis, PMS, migraines, macular degeneration, and much more.

It is therefore critical for health care providers to detect and treat nutritional deficits to prevent progression of illnesses, improve recovery, or even prevent hospitals stays.


Looking for a quick and easy way to boost your metabolism so you can burn off that stubborn fat once and for all?

The ingredients in our intra-muscular shot, when used together, have the power to boost your metabolism, increase your natural ability to break down, fat and give you the energy boost you need to lace up your shoes and go for a jog or hit the gym.

Fat metabolism is complex. Fats need to be broken down under the influence of a complex hormonal interplay between cortisol, insulin, growth hormone and thyroid hormone. Once they are broken down into fatty acids, fats then enter your mitochondria via a molecule called “carnitine”. In the mitochondria the citric acid cycle and the electron transport chain tear these fat molecules apart with the help of oxygen - generating energy along the way.

The ingredients in our weight loss IV all play a vital role in the breakdown, transport and use of fat for energy.

Suggested Use:
• Metabolic & Energetic Boost
• Reduction in Excess Body Fat
• Weight Loss Goals
• Athletic Energy Depletion


Why Vitamin Therapy?

Sadly, our Western diet can be lacking in good nutrition for a number of reasons; over-farming of land, hectic lifestyle, increased stress, poor food choices, and the increase of fast food and Uber eats. Because of this, many people have eaten so poorly for so many years they cannot easily correct their chronic conditions with proper dieting alone. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other natural agents that are administered intravenously or by intra-muscular injection (and therefore bypassing a dysfunctional gastrointestinal tract may be better absorbed and be able to improve the patient’s quality of life more efficiently, as well as improve ongoing chronic health conditions .

What is involved?

An initial consultation is required during which we assess your needs to tailor a treatment specifically to your needs as all our intravenous and intramuscular injections are compounded specifically for you. After your treatment you can return to your normal daily routine although you should avoid heavy lifting for the rest of the day