Ultimate Skin and Body Clinic

Over the years exposure to the sun, smoke and other pollutants in food, the air and our environment all take their toll on our skin.

Ageing starts to show in a variety of ways including our skin texture tone and colour.

One of the best all round treatments for this is Fraxel® Laser Resurfacing.

Our Fraxel® Dual Laser addresses all the signs of skin age including texture, tone and colour as well as stimulating new collagen & elastin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • 3x Fraxel® Full Face
  • 3x Express Microdermabrasion
  • 3x LED
  • Full Issada Prep Kit (25% C Serum, 1% Retinol (Max Strength), Even Tone Serum, Enzyme Moisturiser)
  • Issada Aftercare Kit (Sheer Defence DPF 50+, Calming Probiotic Moisturiser)
  • Usual Price $3,523.50
  • Package Price $3,200
  • Saving: $323.50

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