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 Hello! I’m Deb and the owner of the Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic here in Cotlew St, Ashmore on the beautiful Gold Coast. In 2007 I bought the original Australian Skin Clinic – which was located here in Cotlew Street, Ashmore – and by 2011 I had founded the Australian Skin Clinic Franchise.

Having grown the Australian Skin Clinics into an International brand of 60 locations, incorporating a skincare brand (Balense) as well as  - a regional training organisation (TASA), I exited the business keeping my original baby.  The Ashmore clinic has always been a little different to the ones that followed - we are a one-stop medi-aesthetic business offering so many more new treatments and products.

The Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic launched in February 2019 and shortly after I launched Ultimate RX skincare. My goal is to provide the perfect combination of advanced, credible and ethical medi-aesthetic treatments with the highest possible standards of customer service and client care.

This location is not in a busy shopping mall so it is perfect for those who would like a discrete and convenient location for their aesthetic treatments. We have lots of on-site parking and calm, relaxing environment away from prying eyes. I look forward to welcoming you to our new look clinic!

More News! In June 2020 I purchased the mineral makeup brand Issada Cosmetics which was shortly followed by the launch of Issada Clinical Skincare. For those of you that loved Ultimate Rx, our favorite formulas have been incorporated into the Issada range and are available in clinic or online at

Please use enquiry form below or call 07 5509 0081 for more information

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