We are proud to state that at the Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic, every treatment, product and technology we offer is backed by science and really works. However, not every treatment is suitable for every client, so our consultation process is highly important to us.

During the consultation, our aim is to get to know you and to completely understand your aesthetic concerns. This means we can give you the best possible recommendations to achieve optimal results.

During the consultation process, we will ask about any medications that you are currently taking, any health concerns that you may have or have had previously, and any previous treatments and the outcomes of them.

We will also need to discuss your home care regimen as home care represents provides 70% of the results from treatments.

At the end of the consultation, we will provide you with the possible options for treatment and the costs of each. In this way, we can find treatments that suit not only your timeline but your budget too.


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