Advanced Pigmentation Peels

At Ultimate Skin & Body we can tackle pigmentation in a number or ways but our Advanced Pigmentation Peel is a great start when combined with Issada Clinical Formula Skincare, and LED treatments.

Warning! This peel will cause shedding – there is nothing more satisfying than seeing layers of skin gently peel away leaving smooth new skin beneath.

  • 1x Advanced Pigment Peel
  • 3x LED (30 Minutes Anti-Pigmentation Setting)
  • Full Issada Prep Kit (25% C Serum, 1% Retinol (Max Strength), Even Tone Serum, Enzyme Moisturiser) 
  • Issada Aftercare Kit (Sheer Defence DPF50+, Calming Probiotic Moisturiser)
  • Usual Price $1,029.00
  • Package Price $799.00
  • Saving: $230.00

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