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The skin is a complex system with many layers and different issues can occur in each layer. Although we see acne on the surface of the skin as with pimples, pustules, redness and bumps, there is also a lot happening beneath in the deeper layers such as bacteria, infection, inflammation, over production of oil and damage to the cell structure resulting in scarring.

Therefore, we look at the skin as a whole to target each concern and the causes of acne with a combination of treatments for the best ongoing results.


Our gold standard recommendation for acne treatment is a combination of Microdermabrasion and Fractional RF (Radio-Frequency) Treatments in conjunction with LED Light Therapy.

Microdermabrasion will help to clear the dead skin away from the surface allowing a breathable environment and for oil to flow more freely to help rid blockages. It will also allow all the active ingredients in the peels we perform to penetrate deeper, as well as the home care products in your skincare routine. We also do extractions which will manually remove blackheads and properly evacuate pimples, then a customised peel selected to encourage cell turnover and exfoliation of the skin.

Fractional RF uses a combination of dermal stamping and radio frequency to produce healthy new cells, shrink sebaceous glands, minimise oil production and improve acne scarring.

LED Light Therapy is used to kill the acne bacteria, reduce inflammation and begin to heal and repair damage within the skin.

In our experience, we have seen amazing results using this combination of treatments with the correct skincare routine at home, but also keep in mind that no two complexions are the same so everybody’s skin journey will be slightly different.

Understand that treating acne is a gradual process and sometimes the skin needs to purge first (bring everything underlying up to the surface) before it gets better.

Committing to a treatment plan with regular appointments is a must to get effective, long-lasting results and following the guidance recommended by our specialists is imperative.

Other lifestyle factors to consider are also diet, stress levels, hormonal imbalances, hygiene, touching the skin often, leaning on your hands, changing pillowcases and sleeping with pets - all of which can effect the skin.


See our treatment package options for MILD - MODERATE ACNE and SEVERE/CYSTIC ACNE.

At Ultimate Skin & Body Clinic, we have treated thousands of acne patients and are recognised as a leader in the management of acne.

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